product name

Colli Tortonesi Timorasso DOC Derthona

grape variety

100% Timorasso

growing location

Monleale and hills around Tortona

vineyard position



clay/limestone soil

wine training system


planting density

5.000 plants/ha

grape harvest

end of September

alcohol content

14% vol.

serving temperature

8/12 °C


technical profile

The Derthona is the result of refining for at least 18 months of the Timorasso: an ancient wine, which has been brought back to life, characterized by power, structure, mineral complexity and other aromatic characteristics that allow us foresee very wide margins of evolution over time. Longevity, which is unusual for white wine, is made by the variety, the territory and the winemaking method. Initially, the Derthona is full-bodied and pleasant; notes of great interest and refinement, balance, power, finesse and intensity come over time and after refining in bottle.
The aging, which is obligatory until the 1st of September of the following year of harvest, accentuates the aromatic note, the minerality and the hydrocarbon, significant characteristics of Timorasso variety. In the mouth, the Derthona is a dry, warm and sof wine with a good match between high levels of alcohol and high content in organic acids. It has no edges but the texture is balanced and very persistent. It is intense and complex on the nose: in the early years there are fruity smells reminiscent of pear, peach and floreal smells such as acacia flowers and hawthorn with well-defined spun sugar notes. The honey note is very typical of this wine. The color is very clear, intense and consistent. The Derthona reaches its pick when the green reflection dissolves into the gold color.

perfect pairing

We don’t want to recommend a “perfect” food – wine pairing , because everyone has personal ideas and tastes. We know better who you should have this wine with, anyone!

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