Grappa di Moscato

raw material

pomace of Moscato grapes

productive cycle

Discontinuous distillation in small copper boilers and demethylation with double column.

organoleptic card

Colour: soft straw color.
Scent: aromatic , fruity.
Flavor: gentle, elegant and with a fine and engaging aftertaste.
Distillation: distilled according to our classic method: steam powered copper alembic (still).
Ageing: aging in wood for at least 18/24 months

analytical sheet

Ethyl alcohol: 40% vol.
Methyl alcohol: max 1% ml. a.a.
Volatile substances: min. 140 mg % ml. a.a.
Copper: max 5mg/l
Sugar: max 20 gr/l


Container: 70 cl bottle.
Locking: wooden head stopper with synthetic body / cork
Packaging: cardboard for N° 6 pieces (cm. 27×18,5×33,5H)
Pallet: 19 box per floor – Max 5 floors


It is proposed at the end of a meal