Cannubi Grappa di Barolo

raw material

Pomace of only Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo own “cru”.

productive cycle

Discontinuous distillation in small copper boilers and demethylation with double column.

organoleptic card

Colour: intense golden yellow color. Scent: gentle , fine but with personality Flavor: soft, velvety , sweet Distillation method: steam powered copper Alembic (still). Ageing: in wood between 48 60 months

analytical sheet

Ethyl alcohol: 43% vol. Methyl alcohol: max 1% ml. a.a. Volatile substances: min. 140 mg % ml. a.a. Copper: max 5mg/l Sugar: max 20 gr/l


Container: 50 cl bottle. Locking: wooden head stopper with synthetic body / cork Packaging: wood for N° 1 piece Packaging: cardboard for N° 6 pieces (cm. 43,5x26x24H) Pallet: 7 box per floor – Max 6 floors


It is proposed at the end of a meal