Everything starts from an infusion of 37 different extracts of roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, that have been left to macerate in alcohol for at least 2 months. From the most common aromas such as vanilla, cloves, gentian, rhubarb, to the more uncommon sandal, cardamom, calamus, mace. We won’t reveal them all though…that’s a secret! Protagonist of this aromatized wine is obviously the quinine (China) from the Cinchona tree bark, of which we use three different varieties: Calisaya, Soccimano, Soccirubra. Then we blend the infusion with sugar, alcohol, and wine.

In Chinato Borgogno, the spicy and herbaceous elements are more pronounced, contributing to a soft and more bitter taste. Notes of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and bitter-sweet orange.

Enjoy it as you wish! Neat, on the rocks, with hot water, with dark chocolate…