Everything starts from an ancient and secret recipe of Casa Borgogno, which originates in the 1920s. We start with two wines, Langhe Nebbiolo DOC and Barbera d’Alba DOC, mixed up together. Meanwhile, in order to produce this aromatized wine, we create an infusion of 46 aromatic herbs (some grinded, some roughly broken-up, some other crumbled), that is put in maceration into hydroalcoholic solutions, from 35 to 70 days. From the most common aromas such as vanilla, cloves, gentian, rhubarb, to the more uncommon sandal, cardamom, calamus, mace. We won’t reveal them all though… that’s a secret! Protagonist of this aromatized wine is obviously the quinine (China) from the Cinchona tree bark, of which we use two different varieties: Calisaya, Soccirubra.

In Chinato Borgogno, Nebbiolo and Barbera wines, the spicy and herbaceous elements are more pronounced, contributing to a soft and more bitter taste. Notes of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and bitter-sweet orange.

Enjoy it as you wish! Neat, on the rocks, with hot water, with dark chocolate. Ideal as an aperitifs, refreshing drink, or as a base for cocktails, digestive or like a herbal tea. Cesare said that this is a “natural restorative”, something that restores strength, restores life… perfect!