Bianco Borgogno

Everything starts from an infusion of 37 different extracts of roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, fruits, that have been left to macerate in alcohol for at least 2 months. From the most common aromas such as vanilla, cloves, gentian, rhubarb, to the more uncommon sandal, cardamom, calamus, mace. We won’t reveal them all though…that’s a secret! Protagonist of this aromatized wine is obviously the quinine (China) from the Cinchona tree bark, of which we use three different varieties: Calisaya, Soccimano, Soccirubra. Then we blend the infusion with sugar, alcohol, and wine.

In the White Borgogno, made with Cortese wine, citrusy notes of orange, lemon, grapefruit take over. It is ideal as an aperitif, as a refreshing drink, or as the base for cocktails.

Enjoy it as you wish! Neat, on the rocks, with hot water, with dark chocolate…