Langhe Freisa

product name

Langhe freisa Doc

grape variety

100% Freisa

growing location


vineyard position



calcareous and clayey marl

wine training system

archetto variation of Guyot system

planting density

4000 plants/ha

grape harvest

september 20th – October 5th

alcohol content


serving temperature

18 °C

technical profile

Following a manual harvest of Freisa grapes, in the cellar the grapes are destemmed and pressed. This is followed by a spontaneous fermentation in large concrete tanks, at a temperature between 22°C and 28°c for about 12 days. This is followed by a soft pressing and ageing into large oak barrels for 10 months. Then 4 months of aging in bottle.

tasting notes

Ruby red color. Fresh red fruits and spicy hints on the nose. On the mouth dry, with elegant and bitter tannins.

perfect pairing

Langhe Freisa, considered the mother of the Nebbiolo vine, goes very well with dishes based on stuffed pasta, fresh pasta with game sauce, veal with tuna sauce, meat dishes, goose, bagna cauda, Piedmontese mixed fry. Also in the rest of the world there are many recipes that go well with this wine. In France we think of cassoulet (bean and sausage stew) and lamb blanquette. Moving to Austria, instead, the faschierte laibchen (beef and pork meatballs). In Hungary, mangalica meat or sült kacsa (roast duck). In Lapland, on the other hand, reindeer stew. In England, bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and pork pie.