Langhe Bompè

Langhe Bompè

product name

Langhe Bompè

grape variety

100% Barbera

growing location

Madonna di Como – Langhe

vineyard position

east/south-east/south-west – 410-4125 mt a.t.s.


sandy, chalky sails rich in skeletons

training system


planting density

4.000 plants/ha

grape harvest

last part of September

serving temperature

18 °C


technical profile

From the historically more suitable area for the production of Barbera, in the highest hills of Alba. This is a particularly favourable area: here our plot called “Bompè” gets the sun from morning to evening, in a very wide hilly strip of 9 hectares. After manual harvesting of our grapes in this historic vineyard, spontaneous fermentation takes place in cement tanks for about 10 days at a temperature between 22 and 28 °C. This is followed by ageing in large, lightly toasted French oak barrels for one year

tasting notes

Ruby red colour with violet nuances. Concentration of red berry fruits and berries. Important smoky notes given by ageing. In the mouth marked salinity due to the white rock present here. A Barbera characterised by great clarity and verticality.

perfect pairing

Our Langhe Bompe’ with his structure goes very well with meat-stuffed pasta dishes and tasty main courses, even in the rest of the world are many recipes that go well with this fresh, but at the same time full-flavoured wine. In Portugal, typical of Oporto, is Tripas à modo do Porto (tripe with beans). Moving on to Norway is Fårikål (lamb and cabbage). In Uzbekistan, plov (spiced rice made with mutton, onions, dried grapes). Then in Brazil, Feijoada (bean soup with pork cuts, served with rice). In Mongolia, Buuz (ravioli filled with meat). In Nepal, Thukpa (a very spicy meat broth in which noodles and vegetables are seasoned).