Langhe Freisa

product name

Langhe freisa Doc

grape variety

100% Freisa

growing location


vineyard position



calcareous and clayey marl

wine training system

archetto variation of Guyot system

planting density

4000 plants/ha

grape harvest

september 20th – October 5th

alcohol content


serving temperature

18 °C

technical profile

Natural fermentation (without the addition of selected yeasts) is carried out for 12 days at low temperatures, 24/28°C, followed by a soft pressing and ageing in stainless steel tanks for 4 months at a temperature of 18°C. The wine is then bottled and refines one months before release. This traditional process allows the maintenance of the freshness and animal notes of an easy-to-drink, fragrant and elegant wine.

perfect pairing

We think it is wrong to recommend a “perfect” food – wine pairing, because everyone have their personal ideas and tastes. However we can suggest with whom it is perfect to drink this wine. With everybody!