Dolcetto d’Alba

product name

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC

grape variety

100% Dolcetto

growing location

Madonna di Como (Alba)

vineyard position

south-west – 500 mt. a.s.l.


calcareous and clayey marl

wine training system

Archetto variation of Guyot system

planting density:

4000 plants/ha

serving temperature

18 °C

technical profile

After the harvest into our vineyards of Dolcetto in Madonna di Como (Alba), in the cellar the grapes are destemmed and pressed. This is followed by a spontaneous fermentation in concrete tanks, with temperatures between 22°C and 28°c for about 7 days. This is followed by a soft pressing and ageing in stainless steel tanks for 6 months at a temperature of 18° C. This process allows the maintenance of the freshness and fruit notes. Then 4 months in bottle.

tasting notes

Ruby red color. On the nose, hints of red fruits, such as strawberry and cherry. In the mouth crunchy, vertical, pleasant, sustained acidity and freshness.

perfect pairing

Thinking of the Langa and the dishes of popular cuisine, the Dolcetto, the farmer’s wine, is perfect with salami, anchovies with basel and garlic sauce, capunet (cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat), but also baked rabbit. Traveling through the recipes, in Spanish cuisine we can pair it with dishes such as chorizo tortillas. In Sweden, on the other hand, the potatisbullar (fried potato balls accompanied by cold cuts). In South America, on the other hand, empanadas chilenas. In Mexico the chicken burrito with guacamole sauce. In the United States, typical of New Mexico, Stacked enchilada with green chile (chicken, corn tortilla, cheese, chili).