Barolo Liste

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Barolo Liste 2018

product name

Barolo DOCG Liste

grape variety

100% Nebbiolo

growing location

Barolo – Liste Vineyard

vineyard position



calcareous and clay marl, rich in sedimentary clay

wine training system:

Archetto variation of Guyot system

planting density

4.000 plants/ha

grape harvest


serving temperature

18 °C

technical profile

Spontaneous fermentation carried out by indigenous yeasts for about 12 days in concrete tanks, controlled temperature (22 – 25 C initially, 29-30 at the end ), followed by submerged cup maceration for 40 – 60 days, stable temperature 29 C. After the racking off, the malolactic fermentation starts, and it lasts about 15 days at 22 C. Ageing: 4 years in Slavonian oak casks (4500L) with a further refining in bottle for 6 mounths.

vineyard Liste

The cru orginated around 13 millon years ago due to erosion of the overlying terrain. As a result its composition differs slightly from the other lanhe lands. Liste essentially acquired acompletion of macro and micro elements that give the future wine an unequalled complexity and longevity. Highly visible from the curves of the secondary road that rises from Barolo towards the old Castello della Volta, the vineyards of this renowed cru cover around 6.75 hectares, with a southern exposureand an altitude that varies from 270 to 330 meters above sea level.

perfect pairing

Barolo goes well with important dishes, such as traditional Piedmontese meat main courses. Ranging from world traditions, there is gulasch in Eastern Europe. Going to Japan instead for example fish, such as Black Cod (Alaskan fish marinated with sugar, sake, miso). Moving to The United States of America, beef (angus, wagyu, bue nostral, longhorn) in the brisket cut. One recipe is, for example, onion stout beef. But if you have the pleasure, even a simple “special” toast is perfect!


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