Barolo Cannubi Riserva

2009, 2011, 2012

product name

Barolo DOCG Cannubi Riserva

grape variety

100% Nebbiolo

growing location

Barolo – Cannubi Mga

vineyard position

south; 290-315m s.l.m. (950-1035ft a.s.l.)


clayey-calcareous marls, slightly sandy with a marked presence of silt

wine training system:

Modified Guyot (bow)

planting density

4.000 plants per hectare

serving temperature

18 °C (65 °F)

technical profile

The most famous vineyard, the heart of the territory. It originated 12 million years ago by sedimentation from the Po Valley sea, the most renowned cru of Barolo, already mentioned in historical documents dating back to the 1700s. Here there is an extraordinary complexity of terroir: the vineyards are rooted in soils rich in clayey-calcareous marl, sands and a preponderant part of silt. What makes this cru even more unique is the particularly favorable climate. These factors together make it one of the most important and most suitable hills in the world for the cultivation of
vines. The wines that come from this land are those with greater elegance and longevity in the entire Barolo wine scene. For us, history is fundamental, because as we say "It cannot be lost, it will not be lost", like a precious gem. Precious and rare like that bottle of Barolo Cannubi Riserva from 1921 that we proudly keep in the cellar. And the story continues with the same care and dedication, year after year. The Barolo Cannubi Riserva comes from a meticulous selection of the grapes in the vineyard. Thanks to its long aging in the bottle, in the historic cellars in Barolo, it is today the perfect synthesis of elegance and power. A wine that is born only in vintages that we believe to be perfect, to be considered the best, and which embodies all the iconicity of this single vineyard.

how to serve it

Borgogno is one of the most historic Barolos, with a classic and natural style. These precious bottles may have very light sediments, decanting is possible if desired, but only a few minutes before serving.

perfect pairing

Barolo par excellence goes well with important dishes, such as traditional Piedmontese meat main courses. Ranging through world traditions we find in the United States of America beef (angus, nostral ox, longhorn) in various cuts such as Baltimore pit beef. Going to Brazil the picanha. Some recipes are for example coffee or chocolate picanha. After a few years of aging in the bottle, it is perfect for meditation, combined with a piece of good dark chocolate. But if you have the pleasure, even a simple "special" toast is perfect!


2009, 2011, 2012